About us


The Journey of Kayakalp Soap goes back Long time. It all started when Nagajothi Matches was founded by Our Inspiring, Visionary and Self made Founder and Chairman Dr. PMV Kaleerajan in the year 1983, as a Humble safety matches manufacturer. After the success in Safety Matches business, Our Chairman wanted to do something new in life that should be more beneficial for the society. So that is how Kayakalp Soap is born in the Year 2000. Kayakalp Soap is very unique Soap that cannot be compared to any other products in the market. This is because Kayakalp Soap is made with Pure Coconut Oil and 23 Miraculous Herbals that act as a skin doctor to take care of your skin.
Today after 2 decades, Kayakalp Soap has came long way and is going stronger than ever all thankfull and gratefull to the people who believed in Kayakalp Soap.
Our main office is located at Kovilpatti, TN, India. All our branch offices are networked with our main office, and we use the latest technologies to control all our activities from the central office. Our main factory is built over an area of 1 lakh sq.ft.

Kayakalp Ayurvedic Herbal Bath Soap
We also have our own farmhouse with cultivable fertile area, where we grow our herbs and other essential crops. Our main office has over 50 full time employees and 200 part time employees. The main office is completely covered by WiFi, we adopt new technologies very early, to facilitate our employees, and increase their productivity.